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On the Subject of Writing, Part Two

Posted by Doug on June 7, 2010

Since a month ago when I wrote my last post on the particular subject of writing, I got up to 37,000+ words and then made a classic mistake: I started thinking too much about what I had written.  Of course, all that I had wrote suddenly became not good enough, and after a few days of not writing much at all, I decided to abandon the plan I detailed in that blog post (which seemed like such a great idea at the time), and began a rewrite, from the ground up.  Kind of a fail, I know, but what can I say?  This is my first time actually writing with serious intent to publish. I’m a noob, sorry.

Lame excuses, I know, but now that I’ve got them out of my system, I can move forwards.

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Preview: Rikuzentakata: Book One of the Mecha Monogatari

Posted by Doug on May 17, 2010

And now, a preview of my upcoming novel.

Originally, I was writing under the working title of The Mecha Monogatari: Twilight of the Fierce God, but having written thirty thousand words of the narrative, that title just doesn’t seem right, so now, I have changed the working title to Rikuzentakata: Book One of the Mecha Monogatari.  Inspired by mecha anime like Gundam, Evangelion, Full Metal Panic, and the like, Rikuzentakata follows a young mecha pilot named Enokido Harumi during her first few days of real combat, culminating in a stand against Japan’s attackers around a small town in southern Iwate prefecture, the titular Rikuzentakata.

Everything in this preview is subject to change before the finalized novel; most likely I will need to tweak some of the more specific bits to make them all match up.  In any case, without further ado, on to the preview:

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