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It Starts With a Shebang

Posted by Doug on May 22, 2010

# I decided to try my hand at writing a simple shell script.  One click on a specific icon on my top panel in Ubuntu, and my novel is compressed (currently, from about 479.5 KB to 108 KB), and that compressed file is saved to two different locations, one on my primary hard drive, the other on my storage hard drive.  It is rather simple, but it serves its purpose well enough.  Here it is:

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Memes, Part I

Posted by Doug on February 23, 2010

I found this at Know Your Meme.  Any meme categorized in a database of memes is almost certainly old news, but this particular iteration of this particular meme just struck me as terribly funny, maybe because I have a friend who is loving his Windows 7 and has been using it since the Release Candidate, and I’m using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala these days.  Of course, the parallels end there: he doesn’t look like the Rock, and I don’t have blonde hair.

I use Ubuntu

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