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Every Anime I Can Remember Reviewed! Update V

Posted by Doug on April 20, 2010

Inexorably, more anime come to mind, and so, I review: Inuyasha, Please Teacher, Mezzo DSA, Sora no Woto, Bleach, and Training with Hinako!

Inuyasha (a.k.a. Sengoku Otogizōshi Inuyasha)

Synopsis: Half-demon Inuyasha and temporally dislocated 20th-century high school girl Kagome quest to recover the fragments of the powerful Jewel of Four Souls during the Sengoku period (15th to 17th century).  Review: A long-runner (167 episodes, plus four movies, not including the 26 episodes of Inuyasha: The Final Act that I have not yet watched), Inuyasha suffers a fate similar to that of the Naruto anime: too much filler diluting the primary story arc(s).  I kind of enjoyed Takahashi Rumiko’s trademark will-they-won’t-they melodrama between Kagome and Inuyasha (and later, between Sango and Miroku)…for the first fifty million episodes, that is…  Final Score: B (★★★——).

Please Teacher (a.k.a. Onegai Sensei)

Synopsis: High schooler Kei ends up married to his homeroom teacher, Mizuho…who is an alien.  They both must keep this secret from everyone at their school.  Review: One of the few anime that sounds like it is porn but really isn’t (well, mostly not porn, but yeah), it invokes a lot of handwavium to make the situation less wrong (No virtual minors are virtually harmed here: Kei is really 18.  He just so happened to be in a coma that stunted his growth for 3 years, making him appear to be and behave as if he was only 15, and thus be a high schooler.  Note to deviants: trying to use “it isn’t statutory rape cuz they were in a coma” as justification for your deeds will not help you in real life.  Just don’t do it, it’s a bad idea).  Still, a fun series.  Final Score: B (★★★——).

Mezzo DSA

Synopsis: A gun-toting young woman, a geek, and an ex-cop take dangerous jobs for financial gain.  Lots of stuff blows up.  Review: A sequel to the graphic (as in “graphic sex and violence”) OVA Mezzo Forte, this series (which is nowhere near as graphic as the OVA) started off really strong and just kind of fizzled with later episodes.  Final Score: C (★★———).

Sora no Woto

Synopsis: The girls from K-ON join the army. Because the TV Tropes entry says it so much better, I’ll just quote them: “Japanese girls wearing German uniforms exploring a Japanese music school in a Spanish town full of French people celebrating Chinese New Years in Switzerland, shooting South African owls while piloting multi-legged, talking, demon slaying, cloakable, AMAZING GRACE SINGING, 500mm coil gun firing “son of the god of fire” supertanks from the future.”  Review: Like K-ON, any enjoyment to be had from this series is strongly linked with one’s appreciation for moe.  A cast of young ladies carefully designed to be as kawaii and moe-inducing as possible engaged in adventures that are carefully designed to highlight their aforementioned kawaii-ness and moe-ness…is there a moe equivalent of the uncanny valley?  If so, these girls stand at the cliffs, overlooking the valley…and then someone starts playing Amazing Grace on a trumpet…awwwww…  Final Score: B (★★★——).


Synopsis: Ichigo is a Soul Reaper.  Soul Reapers help the souls of deceased humans into the afterlife, or at least that’s what they’re supposed to do when they’re not getting into one over-the-top battle against insanely powerful supernatural beings after another.  Lots of asskicking ensues.  Review: The Bleach anime is like the Naruto anime: interesting main story line, lots of fighting, bogged down with needless filler.  The Bleach manga, which lacked this filler, like the Naruto manga, was considerably better than its corresponding anime.  However, my biggest problem with Bleach (back when I still followed it studiously) is that one of the best characters (Rukia) is wasted through disuse; the chemistry between Ichigo and Rukia, which was a significant portion of the appeal of the characters, is left sitting on the bench while everybody kicks everyone else’s ass and/or goes through Special Training in order to level up so that they can kick more ass than before.  Of course, for some people this would be a feature, not a flaw, but not for me.  YMMV.  Final Score: C (★★——).

Training with Hinako!

Synopsis: A real-life girl gets sucked into an anime world, and has to lose 5 kilograms in 3 months, or the anime she’s in will be cancelled.  So she works out–sit-ups, push-ups, squats–while you (the viewer) ogle her and try to come up with rationalization for doing so.  Hey, we can just call it a workout video!  Then it’s awwwwwww-right!  Right?  Right?  No?  Oh damn.  Review: Featuring a flimsy premise and basic, repetitive animation, the single-episode OVA Training with Hinako! is definitely one of the most ridiculous and transparent excuses for blatant fanservice I’ve ever seen (also the most Gainaxing I’ve seen since Burn Up Excess).  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no problem with a little fanservice (or a lot of fanservice, really), but it needs to not be so glaringly gratuitous (or at least have something of a plot so I can pretend that’s why I’m watching it).  Final Grade: F (—————).


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