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A More-or-Less Complete Map of Zethykala

Posted by Doug on September 23, 2009

So here it is—Zethykala.  It’s not as elaborate or detailed as some I’ve seen, but hey, it’s still a perfectly serviceable map.

Zethykala (work in progress)

So now I guess I’ll start giving a little detail about each of the named locations depicted. And I’ll be including some suggested IPA pronunciations for everything (because it really bugs me when someone makes up some ridiculous name and never gives any hint on how to pronounce it).

Darragh (/ˈdɒrə/) is a small fishing town situated on the easternmost end of Zethykala’s southern coast across from Nimmoch Isle.

Dymas Island (/ˈdaɪməs/) is a small island off of Zethykala’s north coast, west of the Marra-El Mountains. It is uninhabited.

Elaeris Point (/ˌɛlˈɛərɪs/), on the northwestern extremity of Zethykala, is an academy town, and most everyone who lives here permanently is a scholar, alchemist, mage, or some combination thereof.

Eversti Island (/ˈɛvərˌstiː/) is a small island west of Elaeris Point.  There are no permanent inhabitants, but spellwrights from Elaeris Point come here to test their new magics.

Hraelyn Isle (/ˈreɪlɪn/) is a larger island east of Zethykala.

The Kash-Te River (/kaʃˈteɪ/) extends northwards from the Mara-El Mountains.

The Kaworu River (/ˈkaʊruː/) splits from the Tabris River at New Minrowven, and extends west to the sea at Valnterby.

Lence (/ˈlɪns/) is a trading outpost, serving a number of very small communities in the south central area of Zethykala.

The Marra-El Mountains (/mɑːrɑːˈɛl/) separate Zethykala in two.  There are a number of mines in these mountains, including some with naturally occuring residuum veins.

Merrenon (/ˈmɛrɛˌnɔːn/) is a trade city, situated between New Minrowven and No Name City.

Nimmoch Isle (/ˈnɪmɔːk/) is west of Darragh to the southeast of Zethykala.  It is uninhabited.

The City-State of New Minrowven (/ˈmɪnroʊˌvɪn/) is the largest city on Zethykala.  Goods produced all across Zethykala come to New Minrowven and then are transported downstream to Port Keyrn (or, occasionally, to Valnterby).

No Name City is a mining town at the southwest edge of the Mara-El Mountains.

North Zethykala Island (/ˌʒɛθiːˈkɑːlɑː/) is heavily wooded, and is strongly connected to the Feywild.  Oddly, even though the island is only about 17.5 km (10.8 mi) in circumference, one could travel from any point on its coast for hundreds of kilometers inland in a straight line, and never reach the other coast.

The Path of the Archmagi is a region of desolate land cutting across Zethykala, where very little grows. Water found in the Path is invariably putrid; animals avoid the region. It is believed that the Path was burned into the island centuries ago during a duel between two powerful mages.

Port Keyrn (/ˈkɛərn/) is the main port city on Zethykala.  Most goods intended for export come down the Tabris River from New Minrowven, and from here are shipped out across the world.

The Isle of Prese (/ˈpriːs/) is a small island west of Zethykala.  There are ruins of an ancient city there.

The Tabris River (/ˈtɑː.brɪs/) extends from southeast of New Minrowven to Port Keyrn.  It is the main route of transportation for goods.

Taehl Island (/ˈteɪl/) is a small island southeast of Wyllern and southwest of Darragh.

Timmes Isle (/ˈdɪms/) is a small island east of Zethykala, situated northwest of Hraelyn Isle.

The Toralophon Mountains (/ˈtɔːr.ɑːl.oʊˌfɔːn/) extend from the northwest of Zethykala near Elaeris Point to west of New Minrowven.

Valnterby (/ˈvɑːln.tɜrˌbiː/) is the oldest settlement on Zethykala.  It serves as a port, although its facilities and infrastructure are inferior to those of Port Keyrn.

Wyllern (/ˈwɪlɜrn/) is a small fishing town on the southern cost of Zethykala.

Xystus (/ˈzaɪstʌs/) is a city on the southwest coast of Zethykala.

The Zerulissian Mountains (/ˌzær.uːˈlɪs.iː.ɪn/) extend across the southern edge of Zethykala from Xystus to Darragh.

Zethykala (/ˌʒɛθiːˈkɑːlɑː/) is the main island.  Due to the treacherous nature of the seas surrounding Zethykala, a detailed rutter (or a navigator of legendary skill) is needed to successfully pilot a ship to or from Zethykala.

Zuekkerston (/ˈzɔɪkɜrˌtʌn/) is a small community of religious zealots who abhor magic in any form and largely keep to themselves.  Occassinally groups of Zuekkerites (/ˈzɔɪkɜrˌaɪts/) will go into Merrenon to trade.

Admittedly, this is only a rough outline of the various places on Zethykala that would be adventure-worthy.  I’ll continue to fill in more detail in the future.


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