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Hitagi: The Build, Part II

Posted by Doug on September 19, 2009

All in all, putting Hitagi together was a lot easier than I expected.  Originally, I had planned to read all the printed materials that came with the various pieces of hardware that would constitute Hitagi, but that plan lasted until page 3 of the motherboard instructions.

I cast the instructions to the side, and not wanting to get any oil or dirt or whatnot on the components, donned a pair of vinyl gloves before setting to work.  I test-fit the motherboard to figure out where one mount screwed into the case, and then used a ruler to figure out where the others went, but before I actually put the motherboard in, I installed the processor, processor fan, and RAM cards.  Each of these only fit one way: in one corner of the processor, there was a tiny triangle that matched a similar tiny triangle on one corner of the socket.  Release the locking arm, line those triangles up, lower the CPU into place…easy.  The processor fan and RAM were trivially easy to install.  Only then did I secure the motherboard into the case.

I had to stop and search for the instructions to figure out where everything plugged together, though.

Putting in the 500 GB HD and the CD/DVD burner was easy with the toolless mounts (I will put in the 1 TB HD later today or tomorrow).  The power supply was kind of hard to mount since I needed two hands to hold it in place and at least one hand to utilize the screwdriver, and I only had two hands to work with.

A little cable wrangling, and I was done (except for the 1 TB HD, natch), but…it had all been too easy.  It had taken me only about an hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes.  I double- and triple-checked everything.  All seemed good.  I powered Hitagi up for the first time—and the side fan wasn’t spinning, so I shut her down. A quick inspection revealed that a stray cable (for the 1 TB HD) was restricting the fan, but a twist-tie solved that problem. I powered her up again.

All seemed good.  Time to put the Ubuntu Live CD in and see if everything works the way it should.

It did.  Ubuntu installed with only one hitch (I decided to try to manually partition the HD, but…yeah…I’ll set up partitions for the root, swap, and home, and left 4/5ths of the drive unallocated.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go in later and change things).

I haven’t put Hitagi to the test yet, but she seems to run smooth, and surprisingly quiet.   I was expecting the two ginormous fans on the XCLIO case to be horribly loud, but unless I turn both of them up all the way, they don’t make that much noise.  Keyboard, mouse, and monitor all worked from the word go.

Now I’ve got to put the 1 TB HD in, make sure that all the USB ports and the CD/DVD driver work, and start getting all my programs installed and running the way I like them to.  TweetDeck is out; Adobe Air just doesn’t want to work in 64-bit, and all the workarounds I found online just didn’t work.  Oh, and I need to get the audio working, because I am getting zero sound…grr….

It’s okay, though.  I should have a three-day weekend to work on it.


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