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Hitagi: The Build

Posted by Doug on September 12, 2009

I ordered the parts for Hitagi today from Newegg.  Here is the list of parts I’ll be using:

Processor: I didn’t go with the AMD Phenom II X4 955.  Instead I decided to save a little money (about $40) by going with the Phenom II X4 810, which is only a 2.6 GHz quad-core as opposed to the 955 (3.2 GHz).  I think the 810 will more than suffice for my purposes, given that Hitagi isn’t intended to be a gaming computer.

Motherboard: For this I went with the ASUS M4A78T-E, mainly because it had a passable onboard video chipset, which saved me the expense of a separate graphics card.


Case: The XCLIO A380BK full tower case is kind of funky looking, but it is huge (room for six internal 3.5″ drive bays) and I managed to grab it at substantial discount.  Hitagi is going to be beautiful on the inside (I hope).

Power Supply: I had originally been eyeing an inexpensive 850W power supply, but fortunately, I read all the details before committing: it was a refurbished unit.  So I settled on a KINGWIN Lazer 750W supply.

Hard Drives: Hitagi is going to have two hard drives to start off with, both Western Digital Caviar Black models running at 7200 rpm with 32 MB of cache.  One will be a 500 GB (which I will dedicate to the operating systems) and  the other will be a 1 TB (for all my data).  Funny: two 1 TB HDs cost around $100 apiece, while a 2 TB HD costs $250…

Optical Drive: An inexpensive Sony Optiarc CD/DVD burner finishes the build.  I could have saved a few dollars by getting a simple CD/DVD reader, but even though I rarely burn discs (I’ve burned maybe three in the last five years), as inexpensive as this option has become, it’s worth having.

Including shipping, all of the above came to $787 (and I’ll be able to take advantage of a $15 mail-in rebate).  I already own a monitor (a HANNspree HF229H), and I’m going to use the Logitech keyboard and mouse I already own, so I succeeded in my goal of building the computer for under $800 (assuming, of course, that everything works and I don’t screw something up).

Things that I intentionally omitted from this build:

Graphics card: Given that Hitagi likely will not be used for gaming (I have an XBox 360 and a PlayStation 3 for that), I could not justify the expense.  As long as the on-board graphics card can handle HD video (and it claims to be able to), I’ll be happy.  Further, if I end up needing or wanting more graphical oomph, I can always add one later.

Blu-Ray: I own exactly zero Blu-Ray discs, and if I ever bought one and wanted to watch it, I still have my PlayStation 3.

Card Reader: This will likely be one of the first upgrades I get for Hitagi.  I make use of both Memory Sticks and microSD cards with some frequency.

In any case, everything should be in by Wednesday, although I may not have time to actually build Hitagi until Saturday.  Annoying as the waiting is, it actually is kind of nice to have something to look forward to.


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